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hey happy terriffic tuesday!!!! 

I noticed that several of your terribles are also pretty terriffic!!!  great for Jordan to start high schooL!

Freedom Smith

Sounds like a great plan to have your school supplies picked out and be ready to pay right after midnight.  That thought never occurred to me!  

I have two girls going into high school who are very excited!  I am sure your son is as well.  Always great to get middle school over with.  


I think it's pretty terrific having more terrifics than terribles!


Ouch to those temperatures!  We've just had a couple of the hottest months on record here in DC (after a winter of record snowfalls).  I don't know how people function when it is so hot.

I hope the Walmart shopping trip went well. 


ya u r right.last year we went india and it was 117 degree there.cant stay in hot we eat ice cubes all day.

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