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I love donuts.  

I wonder if thinking about paying the bills on time as having more money for the trip to the Sugar Bowl would help motivate you?  I find that doing one at a time also helps.  (like one a day for a week so whatever.)

How are you doing with the Diabetes?


He is keeping it under control with diet.  He's had a couple of days that his number hasn't been the greatest, But those are weekend days and I have said from day one that he would have the most trouble on weekends because they are not as structured as a work day is.

When we first found out we went to a 'how to live with diabetes' class.  We are leaving in a few minutes to go to a 'counting carbs' class.

Loads of fun!


thats excellent!  It sounds as if the diabetes turned out to be not such a big deal.  Has he lost any weight?

Not that fun, but fun for the future!


He started at 297 (weight in the morning before eating or drinking) and last night was at 284 (weighed in the evening after a full days worth of food and his clothing/shoes.)

His biggest issue is eating breakfast.  He has never been a big breakfast eater as he just doesn't feel hungry when he first wakes up.  3-4 carbs every meal is not as easy as it sounds, either.  Especially in the mornings.  He can't have cereal because most of them are extremely carb heavy.  He can't have too many eggs as that is a cholesterol/heart health thing.  He could eat fruit---but he has to get in some protein, too.  Breakfast is the biggest issue.

He does not like most vegetables which are 'free' foods.  Lettuce, green pepper, celery and carrots with some occasional tomatoes.  He really likes corn but that and potatoes are high in carb counts so I don't fix them anymore.

So, yeah.  Right now it is not that big of an issue.  He's cut out corn, potatoes and his late night bowl of ice cream...every once in a while if the rest of the meal I've fixed is really low in carbs I can fix some corn or he can have some ice cream later.  Not much, but some.  He's doing good and I am very impressed with his attitude.

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