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Lots of good stuff, minus the choking problem , on your list. Glad Jordan is liking Band camp.  I imagine he has made some friends too for when he goes into high school.  it's nice to have someone you already know when everyone else seems to already know where they are headed....It sounds as if this temp job is going somewhere, at least for a bit of extra cash which has got to be great during the back to school season!


I choke about once a week, my swallow muscles don't do their job and
that leaves food trying to go down my trachea instead of down the

That sounds quite scary!  Have you consulted a doctor about it?  Once in a while I suppose wouldn't be a worry but if it's once a week, well...


Oh -  I get that choking problem when I'm having dinner with associates of my manservant!  In my case it is nerves because I worry that I won't be able to think of anything intelligent to say!  

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