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For a good diabetic resouce site with lots of support and interaction  try this one:

http://www.dlife.com/   I think you'll like it.  If Chris can lose weight he may reduce the meds he is on or not even need medication.  He's just going to have to go for sugar free ice cream.  Best wishes on the job search.


Thanks!  I appreciate the link.
He and I will attend class(es) to learn how to shop and cook for the diabetic starting July 14th.  It's great that the classes include one person other than the diabetic and bonus! they are 100% covered by our insurance.


Diabetes is scary but not as scary as diseases he could have.  I'm so glad you can take that class!

Yay for freshman band camp!

Freedom Smith

I am so sorry.  Sounds like a very difficult time in your life.  The jobs....the diabetes...I know you are feeling overwhelmed.  I hope that things look up for you very soon!!!!!!!


Freshman band camp.  I can only hope that they do the majority of the outside work in the mornings.  Camp is from 9:00 until 4:00 for three days, during which they will learn how to march in straight lines, right/left face, about face and learn to play while walking.

The next week is full on band camp for all kids from 9:00 until 9:00.  They will learn their marching music and the half-time show.  I do not envy him one little bit.  It is HOT in Alabama this summer---I wonder how many kids will get sick from being over-heated.

If I don't have a job by then I will be volunteering my services to help keep the kids cool and hydrated.


I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but over all I feel kind of peaceful about my life.  Either something is going to change or it won't.  I applied for several different jobs today: Front desk at an exclusive hotel (which I stated in the cover letter that I believe a happy customer is a repeat customer---yes, I really said that.) I applied to one of those car title loan places and one of the payday advance companies.  I applied to be an inventory counter person.  I can't even begin to remember all of the others that I sent resume's to.  Chris is going to fax someone my resume in the morning....shoot!  I don't even remember who it is.

LOL!!  Too crazy!  I hate hate hate job hunting.  I feel like I'm trying to sell myself---why don't I just go hang out on the street corner?  I bet I wouldn't get told I don't qualify for that or be told that I don't have the right kind of experience for that job....except I'm 46, my hair is turning gray and I'm about 40 pounds overweight.

Flamingo Dancer

Chris went to the doctor this morning.  He's got diabetes.


Best wishes for improved health

Freedom Smith

You will find a great job and it will be leagues above the street corner!!!  You are optimistic and you keep plugging away, so I know you are going to succeed!! 

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