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Sounds like you'll have a tiny little bit of extra income for this month with the receptionist thing...not bad. And who knows where that could lead....

I think going to class will end up being terrific.  Maybe not fun, but as they say, Knowledge is power..... 


The class won't be too bad.  Knowledge is power.  I threw it up in the 'terrible' things because of the diabetes diagnosis.  I'm actually kind of looking forward to the class as I need Chris (and Jordan and myself) to eat better.


Good luck!  Sometimes temp jobs turn out to be permanent. :)  (And state jobs are also good.)


Sometimes temp jobs turn out to be permanent.

How well I know this.  The job at FactSet was a temp job.  It started out being a six month temp job as there were two pregnant girls with due dates three months apart.  One of the benefits of FactSet was(is) the ability to take three months off after the birth of a baby.  I started in February, got exactly half a day of training and the first gal was sent home on doctor's orders.  I did my six months and during the last month or so David was trying hard to get the home office to let him hire me full time.  The Friday that was supposed to be my last day...the office threw me a 'going away' party with gifts and everything.  People left at their regular leaving time.  Chris and I usually left at about 3:45 to get Jordan from the day care before it closed.  At 3:25 David came out of his office to announce that I had been hired full time and Chris had been promoted to the newly created QA Team.

I really doubt that this particular temp job will end up in a permanent position.  Maybe this temp job gets someone's attention and they hire me---that would be great, but I do not want to take Sam's job away from her.

State job.  I've been trying to figure out how to get one of those---and the lady I talked to today gave me all of the information I had been searching for all this time.  I need to remember her name so I can thank her in person should we ever meet.


Good luck with that! :)  I have every faith in you.

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