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Freedom Smith

That is quite interesting.  I am thinking of seeing one of my shows on TV and the person did just slip below the water and go down when they were drowning.  But most of us do think of a person trashing.  This is a good thing for someone to know that is watching a group of children swim!


I-Luv-Eeyore: I had a drowning experience myself. I was pretty young, about 4 years old, and it was in Newfoundland, Canada in the winter. COLD! Even at 4 years of age, you don't forget what the experience was like. This would have been in the late 1960's, and I was out with my sister (she'd be 7) and some other kids. In Newfoundland at that time, they had what are called "Open Wells". They are just holes in the ground with the water raised right to the top, and a wall of dirt built around it so it didn't overflow. Wide open. I was dressed for the cold...red, thick wooly jacket, snow pants, hat, boots, scarf, all you would need to stay warm. We walked past this well, and it was covered with ice. I wanted to see if the ice was thick, so I stooped down and kind-of reached my leg down to touch the ice to test it. I slipped on the dirt wall. The ice broke. And I went in. It was pitch black in that hole. That was the thing that scared me the most in the first seconds....I didn't even feel the cold....I was scared to death of the black hole. And I didn't know how to swim, plus all my clothes were just dragging me down. I remember my sister and the others running around in circles around the hole, yelling....but no one reaching for me. I tried to grab the dirt wall, but there wasn't anything to hang on to. And under I would go again. Each time I came up, I breathed in both water and air at the same time. My lungs were burning so badly....they hurt soooo much. I had lost my fear of the black hole in a matter of a second or so of this whole thing happening. In such a very short time, I was exhausted from pulling myself up from under the water (just moving my arms, I guess)....and EVERY time I would gulp water and air. Drowning HURTS!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing how fast things can change. Within probably half a minute or so, I was too tired to get my head above water again, I had absolutely no fear of falling deep into that black water hole, my lungs were bursting with the most tortuous pain, and I knew....at 4 years of age....that I wasn't coming back up this time. And I was calm....probably from exhaustion. I don't remember anything else after that. Nothing. But apparently a woman had seen what happened from her kitchen window and came running out. She grabbed me before I sank, and pulled me out. She must have been living on adrenaline because I would have been pretty heavy being soaked in all that water....because I remember how thick and water-absorbing that winter jacket would have been. I don't remember her getting me out, I don't remember being home, nothing. But I remember everything leading up to that, and how BADLY my lungs hurt. It was like a giant air bubble in each lung, burning. And the terror of that black "bottomless" black hole...with me sinking down into it....held no fear whatsoever anymore (and that had been my initial fear when the whole episode began). They say that drowning is the best way to die. And I can tell you....it is PAINFUL!!

I also watched my friend drowning when we were maybe between 10 and 11 years old. It was in the lake. She did the same as me...kept going under, and pushing with her arms to get her head back up. But she was also gulping air and water, and getting tired. I remember the look on her face at first...determination and fear...and then she was exhausted so quickly. I knew she would push me under if I went to her because she was trying so hard to keep her head up. So all I could do was reach out as far as I could from the drop-off point, and she somehow got just a little closer and our fingers touched. I yanked as hard as I could, and she just glided across the water and back onto standing-level water. She wanted to go back to the house, and we walked home without ever having mentioned it. A few years later, she was murdered and her body wasn't found for 4 months (in the woods with her skull crushed in). No one was ever caught. She was my friend.

Besides drowning, I laugh at all these movies and tv shows where someone is being strangled. They gasp and gurgle and make all kinds of noises. That's just BS! When you are strangled, your windpipe is closed off....no air in, no air out....soundless. I know from a few instances with my husband. And I stayed perfectly still...I didn't fight him, I didn't even move my hands to my throat. I knew it would anger him more, and he would either break my neck or hold too long. So I would just lay there and wait...and wait...soundless. And when it was over....swallow and swallow and swallow and swallow...because my throat felt like it was the size of a pencil.

Hollywood is so phoney.


[this is important] I think you're definitely right.  The newspaper ran a local story about a woman whose child managed to slip out of her parents' home and drowned in the pool.  They did emphasize that it was quick and quiet, and the woman herself did say that was all the more reason why parents should be vigilant.

I don't know if my son is fully prepared, but we have spent some time teaching both the children to learn how to swim.  Even so, we STILL have to be very careful.  We live near the convergence of three rivers, and there are still local news reports of children drowning in the hazards of one of the rivers or even a canal-- and even WITH a life jacket.  Water safety definitely isn't anything to be taken lightly, at all.

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