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I hear you on the Hot thing.

If It's any comfort I am tearing my hair out at the new job.  Each thing told to me on a daily basis is different and very frustrating.  I'm told to do this, or not do this and then someone else tells me, oh no we need to do this or not this...and on it goes..  Wish you were here, we could go to a movie and of course I would Bi%$# at you a bit!!!!


omg I can so relate with different bosses wanting and expecting different things.  Sounds like your boss (or maybe even your boss's boss) needs to set up a meeting to set the daily priorities down to clear up confusion. 

I'm all for a girls day out.  Wish I was close enough to make it happen.


Do you pay any bills online?  It greatly speeds up and simplifies the process for me.  I'm lost when records are on paper.

As far as hot-- well, hun-nee, you're in the wrong region!  It just barely warmed up here in the Pacific Northwest.  But I'm sure I'm repeating myself as well...


Yes, I do pay bills online.  And: Yes, I do spend  the majority of my time sitting in this chair playing around on the 'net and watching TV.

I am the Queen of Procrastination.

Not having a back-up balance in the checking account is scaring me.  I'm trying to build a little bit of a back-up into the checking account and in doing so I'm not paying the bills.  Which is worse on our credit score than having little to nothing in the back.  ugh! 

I keep having visions of the last time I was so broke.  I was married to the ex at the time.  I just can't go back there.  I keep having nightmares that I'm trying to go back to him and I just cry and plead for him to forgive me for leaving him in the first place.  He keeps looking at me with hate-filled eyes and I just keep crying and begging.

It's just a nightmare.


I think I understand now; especially as I remember you saying some of these things before.

It's a real and understandable fear.  I'm sorry to hear that it's still holding you back.

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