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Number 1


Actually, I'm going to guess number 3, although 6 would be my second guess.


[this is good]

I'm going to go for 2 as the lie.

If you've been to 49 out of the 50 states then you are my hero and if 5 is true, curse that boyfriend. lol.


Uh, number 5...


Nope, this is really true.  I had all kinds of adventures on that magazine route---met a boy who would later become a boyfriend, had a small gang of boys target me as someone to pick on and torment and I once I was wearing sandals while delivering and had one of the sandals bend back as I was stopping for a red light---I ended up with a quarter sized hole in the bottom of my big toe.  I've insisted on sneakers and socks ever since.


Nope.  Number 2 really and truly happened.  I have the scars from some of the many bites still on my ankles and legs...it's been close to 20 years since I was in that situarion.  The ex I was married to at the time was the boyfriend that made me quit #5.

I have been to 49 of the 50 states.  I've lived in 10 of them.  A trip to Alaska is on the very top of my 'Bucket List'.



Nope, number 5 is true.  I wasn't really very good....and I only was a member for about a month....but my ex decided he didn't want me traveling all over the country w/o him.  Especially sleeping on the busses or on the floor of various colleges.


Number 6 is true.  I have the family geneology with the 'rumor' included as 'proof'.  No specific bloodlines.....just someone on my Mom's side of the family.

Number 3, however is not true;  You are correct.  It really wasn't too far of a stretch from reality as I did go squirrel hunting quite a bit with the ex.  I only ever shot one squirrel and I only wounded it.  The ex had to finish it off and that was the last time I ever went hunting and I do not eat wild game.  I just can't do it.


Yeah, you just don't seem the huntin' & fishin' type to me.  That's neither a good thing or a bad thing, I think... just is a thing.

Some sleepless nights I actually amuse myself watching the outdoors shows in the wee hours; but fishing is the only thing I have much of any experience with.  Unfortunately, I don't know anyone I could do either with, although drowning a worm or some random lure for hours sounds dandy to me.  Don't have to catch anything, but just be doing nothing close to nature and relaxing for a bit.


you just don't seem the huntin' & fishin' type to me

Oh no.  I love to fish!  I think it's great fun to put a worm or a minnow on a hook and throw it out to see what grabs ahold.  I love to catch catfish as they put up an awesome fight.  Bass are fun to catch, too.  Perch, Crappie and SunFish aren't something that I specifically go for, but if they are big enough to swallow my minnow I'll land one.

Best fish I ever caught though was a Northern Pike.  I was just a kid, probably about 10, my big brother took me fishing.  As I was trying to reel that sucker in Jim kept going on and on about how I'd caught the Knight's Pond Monster and what was I going to do when I landed it.  LOL!!  I remember hopping up and down while reeling the fish in hollering---'nuh uh!  there's no such thing as the Knight's Pond Monster.'  Then when I got the fish a little closer to the bank it's head broke the surface of the water for a moment...then I thought I had a snake or an eel.  Jim had no clue what it was so he was really going for the whole 'monster' thing.  LOL!!  It was so funny.  What a great memory.  Thanks for helping me remember that day.  :)

Every Spring I ache to sit out on a lake bank with two or three poles in the water....just watching those bobbers.  So much fun.


Yeah, I thought just as I was typing this, "Y'know, I bet she's going to say she really likes fishing."  So what I should have clarified as I mean in 'hunting & fishing' as in the stereotypical outdoor enthusiast who's about the diametrical opposite of the tree-hugging variety.

I understand pike can be caught with plastic containers-- either milk jugs or 2 liter pop bottles.  Y'know what I mean, right?  The jug/bottle is a lone float that you tie some line and bait to, and you just wait for them to strike before grabbing the float.  Rinse and repeat until the pike tires itself out and you can pull it in.


Yep.  Down here in the South it's called 'jugging'.  When my Dad first moved to his current home he would go 'jugging' for catfish quite a bit.  Unfortunately 98% of the time the catfish would figure out a way to get the bait and dislodge the hook.  So, we'd be looking for jugs all over the lake and find them close to shore the line and the hooks would be tangled up on an old dead tree or something.  Dad finally quit jugging when he got tired of just feeding the fish.

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