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Empress Nasi Goreng

You don't think your mom put it in there on purpose so you would find it?  Maybe you could trace it through the births register (ie, if the baby alive at birth, it would have been registered).


Older generations can be so secretive.  I remember asking my grandfather about the fact that my dad was conceived out of wedlock adn how they were treated by the families etc.  He wouldn't say anything about it even though this was the 21st century and my grandmother ahd been dead for a few yaers by then.  He just seemed shocked that any of us knew about it (we had known for decades after my dad had applied for his birth certificate to get a passport).   

Patricia Volonakis Davis

I agree with Emu. This wasn't meant to hurt you. Though I so know how you feel. I know myself and I would probably bring it up, to whichever parent you think would give you a straight answer. However, you might have uncovered something you 'd prefer hidden in the end, so be careful. Guard your heart and your parents' hearts, too. Good luck


I also agree with Emu - older generations have always 'hidden' their losses.  My own grandma didn't find out until less than 5 years ago that her Mom had lost twin girls at birth.  Apparently, my Gr-Grandma never mentioned those babies once...
I can't imagine not having talked about my own losses...
Are you willing to ask your parents about the baby?  Now that you know that there was a pregnancy, you must have a thousand questions.

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