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I have never had good luck with wild cats, but My Mom has integrated a few into her home.  She fed them and would gradually get closer and closer, and then usually one day a storm comes and the kitty zips into the house.  I think others will have better advice!


Just keep as you are doing.  She'll let you get closer and closer as she realizes that you come with the food.  That's how I got my Samson when Amie was a baby.  I fed an outside cat a little and Samson started coming as well.  I always set the food out at the same time and started sitting out there waiting for a little bit.  The other cat was older and too wary of humans, so she never came close, but Samson came a little closer day by day while I was out there.  After a little bit, he came up to the food while I was there.  Then, he let me pet him.  After a little while, I got him in the house, had him neutered, and made him mine.

teh deej

hi this is dg

sorry i dont know how to makee frendz with outside kittehs

but dady sayd teh kitteh mite be ferals and nevr evr be yor frend but teh best thing you culd do is be slow and quiet and nice and teh kitteh mite likee you sumday latr

ok luv you and i hopee you makee frendz with teh new kitteh



Yikes! Remind me and Deej not to hang out around your house...<snip><snip> LOL

Familiarity is the key. Put food out there and sit at the end of the porch. Then, after a few days, move closer and closer. Start hand tossing little kitteh treats to the kitteh. Takes a little bit, but they come around some.

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